Standard execution
  • Electrical starter cabinet
  • 360° rotation
  • Precise stepless speed control for all motions
  • Simultaneous operation of two or more functions
  • Pedestal ready for welding or bolting on the vessel steel structure
  • Start/stop box with Emergency Stop Device
  • Levers of spring centered type
  • Fail Safe Slew Brakes & Load Holding Valves
  • Full surface treatment
  • Red Rock Workshop Test Report
  • Red Rock Declaration of Conformity
  • Certification from class societies on request
  • Red Rock Instruction Manual and Service Manual

Red Rock Straight Boom Crane

The Straight Boom Crane with a cylinder luffing single box boom is the most economical crane type.

The crane has few moving parts, which keeps the maintenance costs down. It has a low center of gravity and can lift full load at the minimum working radius.