Standard execution
  • DNV ST-0358 – Product Certificate
  • Easy to operate by one operator
  • Tower – fit for purpose
  • Low COG
  • DP system compatibility
  • Control systems – by Red Rock
    • Control system can also keep the gangway tip in a fixed position without physical connection to another object, ideal for inspection and service operations
  • Red Rock Cloud Solution
  • RAO analysis of actual values to determine speed & acceleration requirements
Gangway Options
  • Automatic (autonomous) landing
  • Operator Cabin
  • Roller belt
  • Wind claddings
  • Illuminated handrails
  • Passive compensation “Free flow” for versions with landing cones or similar.
  • Personnel tracking system
  • Fire & Gas monitioring systems
  • Wind sensor
  • Wave sensor
  • Electric trolley (Remote Controlled)

Red Rock 3D Motion Compensated Gangway

The Offshore Gangway System is usually the key element for the personnel flow and the primary material handling flow onboard an Offshore Wind Service Operation Vessel (SOV).


Red Rock offers a 3D-compensated Modular system :

  • 3D-compensated Gangway only (stand-alone)
    • Operator Cabin, Bridge- or Radio Remote Control
    • Optional Aux. winch on gangway end
  • 3D-compensated Gangway with elevator shaft/tower
    • Fixed stops, gangway and elevator
    • Fixed + variable stops, gangway and elevator
    • Operator Cabin or Remote control
    • Optional Aux. winch on gangway end
    • Optional 3D-crane mounted on elevator shaft/tower
  • 3D-Compensated or AHC Crane installed on the elevator shaft/tower (Modular add-on)
  • Electrically driven trolley for cargo with remote control (option)