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Fault finding & repairs

We are always at your service and understand the importance of having a customer-oriented approach

Red Rock’s service team is multi-discipline and can attend to electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical issues.

An impressive track record providing excellent crane service to cranes and davits globally.

We are continously expanding our service network, and have service engineers available at multiple locations around the world.

  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Maintenance and service
  • Major overhaul
  • Remote support
  • Pre-docking inspection
  • Cooperate with local yard

Our service engineers are continuously updated with the newest tools, technology, and training courses that meet the highest standards. Our team has a long experience working with Authorities and Class Societies and on various equipment by multiple Brands.

Inspection and certification

Approved by authorities as competent personnel and compliant with Northsea Requirements, ILO and other industry standards.

We are approved by authorities as competent personnel and compliant with NMA A-1, NMA B-1, NMA A, NMA B, IMO, ILO 152, HSE UK LOLER / PUWER, API RP 2D and other industry standards. We also work according to PSA / Ptil regulations and NORSOK if- and when required.

This allows us to inspect and certify lifting and lifesaving appliances by all brands, and to endorse the register books and certificates in accordance with requirements by flag authorities and class societies.

Special requirements for lifesaving appliances according to IMO and SOLAS regulations is also met. Red Rock is preparing for the new SOLAS III/20 Regulations to enter into force 1. January 2020 as referred to in IMO MSC.402(96) and IMO MSC.404(96) – which is taking the place of the much discussed MSC.1/Circ.1206/Rev.1 and MSC.1/Circ.1277.

We offer a cost competitive package vessel– or fleet-wide, and are reliable, efficient, and customer oriented.

  • Annual inspection
  • Docking / Five yearly inspection with load testing
  • Certification and re-certification
  • Expert verifications
Workshop Repairs

Our workshop team is specialized in refurbishment of major components or even complete cranes and other equipment.

Having a hydraulic workshop with hydraulic test bed, electric workshop, PLC / simulator lab, and mechanical workshop – we can provide a wide range of repair services at a predictable cost which always is quoted in advance.

In addition to our own workshop, we have a global network of trusted workshops that we cooperate closely with and can offer first class, cost efficient, and time saving refurbishment at many locations around the world.

Refurbishment examples

  • Hook Block overhaul and pull tests
  • Cylinder re-seal and chroming
  • Gearbox overhaul and brake repair
  • Winch overhaul
  • Hydraulic motor repair
  • Hydraulic pump repair
  • Hydraulic valve Block re-seal and refurbishment

Absolute or long lead parts can usually be reverse-engineered and re-manufactured if required.

Spare Parts

We offer originally sourced spare parts and have a wide network of suppliers to ensure best possible lead times

We offer originally sourced spare parts and have a wide network of suppliers to ensure best possible lead times. Spare parts for Red Rock products are our primary focus, and key parts are stocked.

As an alternative to new spare parts, we also offer “service-exchange” for a selection of components, offering to buy back the old parts, which will be refurbished, stocked, and offered to a reduced price.

Crane spare part examples

  • Zollern brake units, gears and winches
  • Brevini brake units, gears and winches
  • Dinamic oil brake units, gears and winches
  • Hydreco brake units, gears and winches
  • Parker hydraulic valves, pumps and motors
  • Bosch rexroth hydraulic valves, pumps and motors
  • Hawe, Servi, Hydranor, SUN hydraulics and more
  • Ropeblock, Gosan, Irizar forge hooks and sheaves
  • High quality non rotational wire rope
  • Sensors and encoders
  • PLS and HMI units
  • Repair- and seal kits for mechanical and hydraulic components are also available
Engineering and Upgrades

Our engineering team has extensive experience with engineering of lifting and handling equipment up to 900t SWL, working side by side with authorities and class societies

We offer retrofit and upgrades on equipment by all brands

  • Complete crane monitoring and management system
  • Constant Tension (Passive Heave Compensation)
  • Active Heave Compensation
  • 3D Compensation
  • Ship to ship handling
  • Overload protection systems (MOPS, AOPS, etc)
  • Safe load indicator
  • Personnel handling
  • Remote control
  • Bridge control
  • Land control
  • Winterization
  • Increase of outreach/change SWL
  • Condition monitoring and lifetime prediction of key components
  • Case studies and consulting
Installation, Comissioning and Training

Our highly experienced I&C Engineers ensures correct functionality of your equipment

Installation & Commissioning Team
Experienced team of engineers and partners worldwide who can provide liftplans, installation and commissioning plans, and ensure correct start up of equipment – Often in cooperation with the local yard.

In Kristiansand we have an Offshore Crane Simulator used to train crane operators in various lifting operations as well as equipment familiarization. The crane simulator software can easily be adapted to each client; and it is also possible to upload customer’s own crane software if preferred.

Should training be required elsewhere in the world, the simulator can easily be packed and shipped – allowing us to offer simulator training at customers location.

Other training courses offered includes:

  • Product familiarization
  • Operator training
  • Technical training
  • Maintenance training
  • Simulator & VR
  • Training in rules and regulations
  • Training in periodic inspections
  • Training tailored to meet any special needs