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Our core competence

As new technologies come and go, our core competence remains the same. We have the knowledge and experience to turn your project into a real-world product with modern solutions, Service Level Agreement, and customer support.

Customer Support

Our customers can enjoy customer support delivered through the flexible and effective JIRA Helpdesk.

Web Design

Over the years, we have built up a solid front-end capability in-house, but we are also used to working with external design agencies.

Quality Assurance

All our work will go through extensive testing before release; we have a dedicated team of software testers that will make sure our work is up to date.


Over the years we have developed several eCommerce solutions, and our core product, Togital, can be delivered with a customizable webshop out of the box.


We can arrange training sessions and workshops related to our own products and third-party solutions.


We deliver upgrades and develop custom features to our own products as well as third-party products.

Head over to our contact page if you want to know more about our services.