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Red Rock AS has has delivered high end crane package for Live Fish Carrier for Bakkafrost in the Faroe Islands.  This innovative vessel is one of the biggest Live Fish Carriers in the world at 109.2 meters in length and 22.2 meters in breadth and with a cargo capacity of 7,000 cubic metres.

The vessel is in many ways an innovation, specifically related to the arrangement of the special LFC-equipment onboard. With four cargo holds of 1750 cubic meters each the vessel can transport about 1000 tons of live salmon from cages offshore to shore-based processing facilities. The vessel can also take live salmon onboard for treatment for lice in fresh water in the cargo tanks and when discharging to cages, salmon over a certain size can be retained onboard for transport to the processing facility. Capacity for production of fresh water through reverse osmosis is 6000 tons per day.

The crane package from Red Rock consists of 5 cranes in total. The cranes are specially designed for this Live Fish Carrier with a specialized command chair on the bridge to control the cranes. This innovative solution makes crane operation more efficient and reliable.

For further information please contact the Red Rock Sales Team.