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One of our senior offshore crane service engineers recently provided overhauls on an 350T AHC KB Subsea crane, in addition we identified and supplied the required spare parts to the crane.

The service was completed in cooperation with the ships crew which reduced the costs significantly. All work was quoted in advance and the job was completed without any surprises or unforeseen expenses, as well as completed on time within budget.

Our service team has extensive experience with cranes of all brands, particularly those from Norwegian and European suppliers.

Scope of Work

Key elements:

  • Customer oriented repair proposal
  • Spare parts identified and quoted in advance
  • Services and repairs quoted in advance
  • Overhaul of slew gears
  • Overhaul of auxiliary winch gears
  • Overhaul of main winch gears
  • Function testing

Red Rock provides the full range of services needed for your cranes. In addition, we can provide independent third party services as an A-1 Rated enterprise of competence authorised by NMA. We also have authorisation from various maritime authorities and classification societies.

Red Rock monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and fully comply with all guidelines given by the National Institute of Public Health.

We still perform international assignments of a critical nature, and we have chosen not to charge our clients any additional fees with relation to quarantine days. This reduces operational costs and enable us and our clients to meet the current operational challenges together.

Contact our worldwide crane service specialists for customer oriented support.