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One of our Multi-discipline Crane Service Engineers recently provided major overhauls on an AHC Subsea crane during dry docking of an offshore vessel.

Pre-inspection was carried out in advance. Based on the results of this inspection a report was made and recommendations for repairs and improvements were presented. This included quotes, execution plans, work packages, and ensured an cost efficient approach.

Scope of Work

Key elements of the services provided:

  • Customer oriented repair proposal
  • Spare parts identified and quoted in advance
  • Services and repairs quoted in advance
  • Red Rock tool container present on-site for efficient execution
  • Dismantling for overhaul of hydraulic cylinder
  • Complete Auxiliary winch overhaul
  • Main winch brakes replaced and old brakes “service exchanged”
  • Hydraulic hoses replaced
  • Filtering/replacement of hydraulic oil
  • Overhaul of AHC block
  • Filling of Nitrogen in accumulator bottles
  • Replacement and torquing of slew bearing fasteners
  • Hydraulic adjustments
  • Full function testing
  • ILO Form 2 certificates and endorsement of cargo gearbook

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