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Red Rock have successfully tested the first 3D compensated crane. The crane is the first in what will be a series of advanced cranes with the unique Red Rock technology installed.

A full FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) was performed over 2 days with the entire customer chain represented and a strong delegation from the engineering/technical department. The customers were impressed and look forward to the commissioning and sea trial for the crane.

Red Rock was contracted by Ulstein Verft to deliver a 3D Compensated Offshore Crane for the service operations vessel (SOV) ordered by Bernhard Schulte for the Mercur Offshore Wind Farm.
Red Rock has also delivered cranes to the two previous SOVs for Bernhard Schulte: Windea La Cour and Windea Leibniz.

This FAT is a milestone for both this project, and for Red Rock. This technology is innovative and a testament to the talented and dedicated people working at Red Rock. With limitless applications, we are confident that this is a launching pad to take Red Rock to it’s next level.

Please contact the Red Rock sales team for further information:

Thomas Holte
Mobile: +47 99 63 52 62

Bjørn Mossestad
Mobile: +47 46 84 34 09