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In the extreme enviromental conditions of the polar oceans, the “RRS Sir David Attenborough” will be operating outfitted with our high performance davits on board.
We, as a company, are proud to be the chosen davit supplier for a flagship of this size, magnitude and importance. We look forward to seeing the results of their research that will have a great impact on our understanding of climate change in the arctic.

A gamechanger

“This is an incredibly exciting moment in our scientific history. The RRS Sir David Attenborough will allow us to make a major leap forward in our understanding of the environment”, said UK’s Science Minister Chris Skidmore.

The “RRS Sir David Attenborough” is a state of the art next generation vessel that includes a “moonpool”, submarine deployment and a unique silent operating mode that will let the crew conduct their research without interupting the marine life they are studying.

Located in Norway, Red Rock Marine has the competence and first-hand experience of what it takes to build reliable lifting and handling equipment that will withstand the harsh conditions that the “RRS Sir David Attenborough” will operate in. We are confident that our delivery will provide the very best functionality and quality needed to support the research missions that the vessel will embark on.

The vessel is commissioned by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and built by Cammell Laird UK.

Our range of davits

Davit Options

Cantilever Davit (RDCA)

Telescopic Deck Skid Davit (RDTD)

Slew Davit (RDC / RDCT)

Telescopic Davit (RDT)

A-Frame Davit (RDA)